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   Crimson Cardinal Realty is your premiere commercial real estate and business brokerage firm for North Carolina’s expanding small business community.  We provide end-to-end professional services to find commercial space for your growing business.  For those clients seeking to sell their businesses (e.g., retiring, refocus, refresh), we provide professional services to find the right buyer for our business to get it sold.

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Types of Business Sales.

There are two primary types of business sales. The first type involves only sale the business's assets that primarily generate the profits the business generates.  These assets can be tangible (e.g., inventory, store fixtures, supplies, equipment), intangible (e.g., customer lists, customer orders, assumption of a lease at below-market rates, goodwill, community reputation), or both.  This business sale type includes retail service businesses, storefront businesses, certain restaurants, bars, coffee shops, flower shops, and professional practices.

The second type of business sale contains tangible and intangible assets similar to the first type, but also includes the purchase of real estate.  Examples of these types of businesses sales include gas station - convenience stores, day care facilities, car washes, stand-alone restaurants, assisted living facilities, stand-alone medical facilities, professional pratices including office condominium, grocery stores, and other establishments that require the purhase of real estate.

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